Following a management buyout, the brief was to give Martindale Pharma a strong identity, to allow it to stand tall on its own, and differentiate itself from the competition. We were tasked to challenge the design boundaries in the pharmaceutical market, using the company vision, mission and values as a platform.



To reposition Martindale Pharma as a vibrant, engaging, dynamic and innovative organisation. The aim was to shake up the market and communicate that Martindale Pharma is here, very much alive, and by working with its customers, striving to continually ‘make lives better’.


Our goal was to create a pharmaceutical brand that was not fashionable but brave, and long-lasting; a new design place in the market, where others may follow.

The Brand

Martindale Pharma’s products help save lives, therefore the communication centred on ‘life’.

Starting with the logo, we inverted the ‘i’, creating ‘a drop of life’, also reflecting the type the syringe products they sell. From this, the ‘drop’ theme was created, where all images were made up of drops, avoiding cliché images, utilising both the vibrant corporate and product level colours.

The end result was a revitalised company that challenged its marketplace. Not only were external perceptions altered, but also the way employees tackled their own individual objectives. Due to this new approach Martindale Pharma not only won the Rebrand 100 award, but also the Boots Award for service, the first time it had achieved this in the company’s history.

"FINALLY not only transformed the way we are perceived externally but also played a major role in changing our internal attitude and approach. It is their vision and view of the bigger picture that contributed to Martindale Pharma winning the Boots service award for the first time and significantly improving our sales and market share."

Steve Harvey
Martindale Pharma - Sales & Marketing Director


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