"The creative idea was built upon the fundamental principles of the industry at a pure product level, as well as a creative interpretation of the subject matter. Careful consideration was given to ensuring it was a brand evolution not a revolution and maintaining very clear differentiation from the competitive set."

Carolyn Warren
ACB - Marketing Manager


"The corporate identity along with our new aspirational website has allowed AMBAR to target a higher end client base, which was our overall objective. Despite being a small company we can now punch above our weight and compete with larger organisations."

Dominic Brice
Ambar - CEO

Burgess Autistic Trust

"We are now seen to be more professional and a bigger player in the field and we’ve got customers including individuals and commissioners talking to us. The amount we have spent to date can easily be justified by the increased footfall and business opportunities created."

Jerry Hughes
Burgess Autistic Trust - CEO

Martindale Pharma

"FINALLY not only transformed the way we are perceived externally but also played a major role in changing our internal attitude and approach. It is their vision and view of the bigger picture that contributed to Martindale Pharma winning the Boots service award for the first time and significantly improving our sales and market share."

Steve Harvey
Martindale Pharma - Sales & Marketing Director

RS French

"FINALLY took the time to really understand our business, its culture and what we wanted to achieve from this rebrand. The proposal presentation was an emotional experience for all of the four family owners as FINALLY completely captured the heart of the business, more than we could have ever hoped for. Our new identity and overall image has transformed how we are viewed in the market place and has significantly improved our brand awareness."

Matthew French
RS French - Director

FINALLY is a branding agency that invests in its clients through research, strategy and creative.
We listen, think, design and ultimately develop engaging, consistent brand communication across all platforms.
We believe in doing the right thing; guiding and encouraging our clients to build strong brands that really stand for something and make a difference.
Between us we have won over 25 national and international design and digital awards. However we could never achieve this without the courage and vision of our trusting clients.
We believe in the ideal of “nothing is impossible”.
We will never make our work schedule your problem and will do whatever we can to hit your deadline, no matter how crazy you might feel it is.
We are here for the long-term and would like to work in partnership with you; without egos and with the sole purpose of making your business better.

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