We all have the same ethos here; if we promise it, we will deliver it, whatever it takes. Every team member is a vital link in ensuring that our clients are delighted with our work and help to build long lasting relationships.

Steve Howard

I have seen a lot of creative work over the past twelve years of running an agency, yet I still love it when designers surprise and excite me with their thinking and ideas. It is that excitement that I want our clients to experience and so they never quite know what to expect.

Rob Dando
Digital Director

I am responsible for everything digital; planning, structuring and delivering the full online experience. I would describe my role as the glue between the designers and the developers; pushing creative boundaries while ensuring the optimum functionality.

Steve Harvey
New Business Development

I was so impressed with the work that FINALLY carried out for me in a previous organisation, when I was the client, that I wanted to join the company! I am responsible for creating new and exciting opportunities and spreading the word of the great work that we do. I am excited to be working with such a dedicated team who are passionate about helping clients achieve real commercial advantage through clear differentiation, both on and offline.

Andrew Laignel
Head of Development

I enjoy solving problems and delivering online solutions that help improve our clients’ market position and make it easy for them to update and maintain. Working together with our creative team, I am always proud of the work we produce.

Lisa Page
Account Manager

I am at the heart of most projects, making sure they are on brief, on schedule and free from mistakes. I am lucky enough to be part of a very close team and work with some wonderful clients who respect what we do and allow us to produce some great work.

Harriet Jackson
Account Manager

Communication is a really important aspect of my job, so luckily I enjoy a good chat. My main responsiblity is to manage the development of projects, by working closely with all of the departments in our close-knit team and to ensure that we always deliver a great product to our clients. I am fully invested in all of our work and love that I can watch a concept grow from one of our initial chalkboard sessions, into the finished product.

Charlie Elms
Graphic Designer

I believe a designer is only good as his inspiration. The number of artists, designers, animators, and typographers that inspire me is too long to list. The FINALLY ethos of really getting to know the client and their business gives you a real sense of ownership and pride in your work.

Luke Goodsell
Graphic Designer

As the youngest designer in the team I like to think I bring a fresh energy and an untainted passion for design. Being slightly OCD, I also have a keen eye for detail which is a perfect skill to have when setting layouts and checking final artwork.

Rob Harris
Web Developer

With every website developed I aim to optimise the speed, usability and responsiveness, creating an innovative user experience on any device. Exploring new online trends makes sure I am at the cutting edge of web development and gives me the ability to apply these within my everyday projects.

Callum Rook
Web Developer

As a web developer I strive to improve my skills with every task I undertake. I love the challenge of solving issues and coming up with new solutions to improve usability for the client and the end user. What I enjoy most about working at FINALLY, is being able to work closely with the designers and other members of our close-knit team, in order to pull off a great result using all of our different skills.

Tom Wickens
Digital Marketing

As a member of the marketing team, I am always looking for ways to increase our clients visibility on the web. Whether it is through search engine optimisation, PPC or targeted email campaigns, increasing brand exposure and revenue is what I strive for!


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