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In this digital age, design for print is often overlooked or considered unimportant. Too many times we have heard “it’s only a business card”. That business card is you. When you hand it over, it encapsulates everything that you are and it really is true, you only get one chance to make a first impression. We take great care and give great consideration to all materials we produce for our clients. It doesn’t mean they have to cost a fortune, but we always think; what can we do to add value to this piece, to stop the recipient throwing it in the bin. As it happens, the digital age has made printed material even more valuable. For example how often do you receive quality direct mail through the post or a beautifully designed piece of literature? Not very often. So we help our clients take advantage of these new opportunities and make them proud of their consistent collateral.

Our recent rebrand for ACB shows not only how the elements within the design are consistent, but also how the layout gives the company a very distinct style. We advised the client to invest in the printed materials, and show to the market that extra level of care and quality, which will be rewarded many times over in the long term. 


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