The Burgess Autistic Trust is a leading Autism charity that called upon our help to elevate its brand to match its internal ethos and face the new challenges within the charity sector. As always, we first got to know the business by interviewing over twenty stakeholders and also enrolled ourselves onto their induction course.



We created a symbol inspired by Escher’s “Impossible Reality’ that represented the different perspectives of someone with an Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC). This symbol was then utilised within corporate communication to highlight that ASC can affect all of these senses.


We are very proud of this rebrand in terms of internal engagement and how it has completely transformed the way the charity is perceived.

The Brand

The new brandmark, charity name and distinct colour palette, not only differentiates the Burgess Autistic Trust but represents its unique heritage.

The strapline Unique People, Unique Approach, encompasses everything about the charity.The charity is all about the unique people that carry out the work and the unique people they help, who need a bespoke solution to their unique situation.

We used emotive people imagery for corporate communication and simple illustrations for the more educational material for the service users.

"We are now seen to be more professional and a bigger player in the field and we’ve got customers including individuals and commissioners talking to us. The amount we have spent to date can easily be justified by the increased footfall and business opportunities created."

Jerry Hughes
Burgess Autistic Trust - CEO


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