In today's ever-changing world I am often asked by clients what they should be doing to maintain an active and engaging website.

To truly answer this question the first thing you need to consider is the purpose of your website. How does it reflect your client’s business needs?

Are you simply looking to detail your contact details to potential customers or are you looking to actively engage a customer and perhaps draw them to a sale there and then?

Or perhaps all of the above?

We live in a "now, now. now" world. If we need to know something, it should be located somewhere on the internet – or at the end of someone’s phone line – and therefore a website needs to be considered your company’s primary marketing tool.

Websites are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and can be seen by anyone on all types of devices from laptops, tablets, phones … through to gaming machines plugged into a television!

So how is it possible to stay on top of all of this and the ever-changing Social Media world and run a successful business?

From day-to-day experience I am only too aware of the time constraints we live under and often find myself telling clients what they should be doing without practicing this myself.

Therefore, in my first blog post, not only am I practicing what I preach, I also hope that it will give you a very brief insight into what I think every successful website needs.

1. Updates

If you do only one thing, update your website on a regular basis. There is no rule here other than to understand that all of the major search engines have made major adjustments to factor recent content changes into their algorithms – so clearly there is an obvious need to update as often as you can.

Let customers know what you’re up too. Have you just won a new job? Have you just completed a job? Taken on a new staff member? Anything that is happening in your day-to-day business is valuable news not only to potential and existing customers but also to those hidden devils, the search bots.

2. Social Media

The services we all love to hate! It can’t be just me who may be in the "younger generation" bracket but who has become oh-so-fed-up with having to find everything out on Facebook or Twitter.

However, love it or loath it, for now at least Social Media is here to stay so embrace it wisely; shout your offers, post links to your blog posts, news updates and case studies.

A few good inbound links can make a big difference to search placing and with the exponential growth that cannot be counted your article or link could suddenly be seen by thousands of people who you wouldn’t normally be able to interact with.

Every business should by now have signed up to Facebook and established a business page. If you haven’t, please go and do it now. If you need help we can offer advice by phone or email, get page set up and secure your name. This is not a sales pitch I am just pleading with you to register now!

If you wait, in six months time you may find your company name has already been taken.

Would you rather your business page is or the more succinct, memorable

I know which I’d prefer hence why has long since been secured.

3. Design changes

You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep a website fresh, engaging and current. It’s a fast-paced development world and you need to be monitoring the look and feel of your site to be sure it lives up to that of your competition and the era.  

These three rules form the fundamentals of what you should be doing with your website. I hope that in future posts I can share with you some more in-depth guides and tips that will help your journey up the search engines go a little more smoothly.

In the meantime, should you want to ask myself or the team anything, please comment or contact us in any way you choose.


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